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keeping it on the level

Flat & Stable Concrete Floors are critical for Safety and Efficiency.

Flatness Dipstick Testing

Are You Protected?

Let us, the experts, measure your floor flatness and joint deflection.

Why are Floor Flatness and Joint Stability important? Without them:

  • the condition of your concrete floor can deteriorate
  • floor coverings (tile, vinyl, carpet etc.) may not install properly or last as long
  • damage can occur to material handling equipment
  • worker’s compensation or customer claims can increase
  • plant productivity and efficiency can decrease

You paid a lot to have your floors safe and efficient.

For just a little you can confirm you got it!

Work can be done with minimum or no interruption to your production process!

We are now partnered with CoGri Group UK to bring Laser Grinding to Canada.

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Demand the best!

For more information contact:

John Binachini
Ph 289 308 7116