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Measured Floors

Measured Floors are Better Floors

Surface Dynamics Canada for Expert Dipstick & Fmin Floor Measurements

  • Professional and reliable service any time of day or night
  • Work with all the participants to make sure the job is done right and the floor is flat
  • Over 20 years experience throughout North and South America
  • Dipstick results accepted by The Face Companies for Golden Trowel eligibility
  • Worked for and trained by Face;
    the originators of the F-Number System, Dipstick and Profileograph

  • Daily Field Reports issued; complete Final Reports compiled upon request
  • Random traffic, Defined super-flat traffic and joint deflection testing provided

  • Represent CoGri Group, the UK based concrete floor specialists, in Canada

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Dipstick Measuring

Profileograph Measuring

Rest assured knowing you got what you paid for – measure it!

Surface Dynamics Canada