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Design and Construction of Concrete Floors outlines the key principles needed for the production of a good floor which can be relied on to not only support and restrain other parts of the building, but also to meet the needs of the user.

The book covers:
* Uses of concrete floors
* Structural design
* Concrete used specifically for floors
* Cracks and joints
* Floor surface properties

This book is ideal for structural engineers and others in the building and design industry that want to use a balanced approach and look beyond structural strength in the design of a good floor.

The book draws on both European and American experience, citing both British and US standards all of which have been amended and updated since the last edition

George Garber has worked in the
UK and is now based in the US as a Partner at Face Consultants in Lexington, Kentucky.


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"Curling of Concrete Slabs on GradeBy N. Mailvaganam, J. Springfield, W. Repette and D. Taylor

This Update reviews the causes of curling in on-grade concrete slabs and discusses methods of repair for various environmental conditions. Please note that since it was written before the introduction of our new joint stabilizer, the ‘Can’ this article does not mention the best way to repair concrete joints.


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 "Handling Joints in Industrial Concrete Floors" by Steve Metzger of Metzger/McGuire

This article was the based of Steve Metzger's excellent seminar given at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, 2005. As Steve states, "The highest quality floor finish will soon be forgotten if the joints deteriorate under the owner's material handling vehicle wheels. ...We must always remember that joints are an integral and vital part of the floor surface, perhaps even the most vulnerable part of a slab."


“A New Fix For Loose Joints”, Concrete International November 2007

Surface Dynamics Canada